The Future UJ portal will assist learners with making career decisions starting with Grade 9 all the way through to Grade 12. So, from making the right subject choice decision, to when the learner is prepared to submit their University application document. In grade 10 and 11 we will assist you in studying hard as well as showcasing all that UJ has to offer.

When it comes time to make the decision about where to study after school you will make an informed decision, UJ will help you along the way and you will know what is on offer at UJ. In order to be privy to this information you need to register on the site. New members will receive an email confirmation and will be able to access all the exciting stuff happening at UJ. If you don’t want to sign up you are welcome to use the contact page to send us an email or visit the Learner portal on the University of Johannesburg Facebook page.

Note: You need to register to sign up for the events hosted on the UJ learner calendar that include subject seminar workshops, campus tours and mini open days for Grade 11 and 12’s.

The Future UJ portal is all about your future and us helping you prepare to get there. We want you to be CLEAR about your future!



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