Time management – how to be a time winner!

Time management – how to be a time winner! 1

Time management – how to be a time winner!

Have you ever been in a situation where you are sitting in an examination room feeling tired and bleary because you stayed up the whole night previously to prepare for the next day’s test? Maybe you have skimped on the content of an assignment because you left it to the last minute to start and hand in it on time?

Don’t worry too much now! It is human nature to at times leave tasks to the last minute. Many of us at some time in our busy schedules have been prone to a bit of procrastination. In some cases, the constant postponement of homework tasks and test preparation have caused a good deal of anxiety, as we were left in the end with inadequate time to sufficiently prepare for upcoming tests and examinations.

It is therefore quite important for learners to note the great value of efficient time management. By simply applying a few basic time management principles, you will quickly notice the benefits and rewards in your academic outputs and achievements.

Here are a few pointers that demonstrate the value of good time management:

•       It helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

•       You will avoid missing important deadlines.

•       It helps you to keep a balance in life.

•       You can increase your productivity by using your time better.

•       It helps you in achieving your goals.

•       You will have more time to enjoy your overall school involvement.

If you answered the questions in the first paragraph above in the positive, it may mean that you are prone to procrastinate. What follows is a short list of suggestions that may assist you to address procrastination, and enable you to use your time as effectively as possible, in the future:

•       Plan your daily and weekly time tables, and prioritize your activities.

•       Categorize your tasks between those that are essential and/or immediate, and plan your time table accordingly.

•       Prepare a “to do-list” and tick off completed tasks as you go along.

•       Assume accountability to adhere to your time table.

•       Create a constructive study environment and clear any distractions.

•       Set intermediate and final deadlines, and adhere to them!

•       Reward yourself for your accomplishments, treat yourself with a nice ice-cream or go out for a movie with friends.

Happy time management, and remember:

Preparation increases confidence!