My First Month Back At University

Back at University

Beginning with my third year in BA Law this year, one would think that I have the “hang” of being a student but during this short period back in January, I have been proven otherwise. For the first time ever since starting my studies I actually took a pause for reflection that made me realise a few ideals that I personally thought I should share with other students and, especially the incoming first year students.

I had some challenges with my registration process, because of thee re not being enough space for me in the Development Studies class and confusion with some other modules but I didn’t let the challenges I experienced have a negative impact on my attitude and goals. I managed to overcome my challenges by going the to the faculty officers to explain to them what difficulties I experienced. The best advice I can give to any student is to be persistent, never let your emotions get the better of you and have enough positivity to remove any fear or doubt. Also, that remember that you are just one of thousands of students lucky enough to be able to study at university. So, try to be patient with the other students hassling to get a place as well as with the staff and systems at the university that are trying to help us all!

Yes, I’m going to be “clichéd” and say that “university is indeed no child’s play” but that gives a completely different meaning to me now. As a hard as it may be to get through our studies, one shouldn’t miss the point of the exercise. Of course we are here to learn and obtain a qualification but we should embrace the journey thereof and make it a fun and learning experience. The journey itself is just as crucial as the milestone at the end.

More interestingly this journey is not only an academically inspiring one but a personally rewarding one too despite all the challenges we come across. This first moth of 2017 has already been such a stressful time, trying to get everything in order again and prepare mentally, physically and emotionally for the academic year that lies ahead.

On the brighter side, despite all the challenges within this month, I have already learnt so much about planning ahead, sticking to the plan and most of all, executing it. Oh, and yes there will be times where one has to put in the extra mile but remember there is no traffic after the extra mile and that can only be a recipe for success.

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