All About Sports at UJ

All About Sports at UJ 1

Hi everyone, I studied at UJ and am now working at UJ’s Marketing & Brand department, one of the highlights during my studies at UJ was the awesome sporting vibe.

The sporting culture at UJ is probably the best amongst all universities in the country, If history is anything to go by, all the different sporting codes are always full of fun and competitiveness. Whether winning in the dying seconds or a comeback so massive that everyone on campus will be speaking for years to come, the on-field action is always full of excitement and entertainment.

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As a student, my best experience was the amazing UJ vibe at the annual Rugby Varsity Cup matches between the top universities around the country.

Monday evenings were always jam packed at the UJ stadium, and filled with singing and cheering. I used to take part in different sporting codes like soccer, the men’s netball residence league and rugby, which was my first choice of sport.

Not only did I enjoy the different sporting codes but I made so many friends and learned so many life lessons that shaped my character in a positive way, right up until today.

Another sporting showcase at UJ is the residence league in which students compete in different sporting codes usually on Wednesday evenings across all UJ’s four campuses. This is raw sports at its best and is a good platform for first years who want to be part of any sporting team and make new friends to show off their natural talent. Be guaranteed that the UJ residence sports league is filled with explosive running, slick skills, and dazzling performances. If you are a sports lover UJ is the place for you, even if you don’t want to participate being part of the spectators and enjoying the spirit at each event is so cool! Day students can also join one of the day residences sports teams so you don’t even need to be based on campus.

The invite is out, the stage is set and candles lit. All you need to do is come to UJ and join the exciting orange machine sports club, its filled with fun, competitiveness, and energetic positive team environment.

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  1. hi, i am a Uj second year student and am wondering if to join you have to know the sport, as in have experience of the sport, or they also offer practices for beginners?

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