What I had to learn about discipline!

What I had to learn about discipline! 1

Since it’s already the end of the year and almost the festive season, it is a time to spend with friends and family. After exams I know I look so forward to some down time and they are almost done for most of us. I am looking forward to the summer holidays even though I have some part-time work lined up to earn some extra money. So the question is, as you wait for your marks to come in – has all your discipline paid off? And what does discipline mean to you?

To me being a university student means needing to have discipline and this involves having to ignore peer pressure and putting my head down, overriding the dreaded FOMO and getting on with my studies! Discipline not only extends to your studies but also to how you live, do you live within your means? Are you easily distracted by parties, friends, sex, alcohol, drugs and the freedom of campus life? Going to university involves really having to hone those skills of discipline because it is up to you, not your lecturer or your parents, to push through and make it through. If you can find a balance between enjoying all that student life has to offer you and seriously buckling down to the business of studying then I have heard that you will be ahead of the pack when you graduate and have a job.

So, even though I am super exhausted from a lot of late night studying and I am most definitely going to chill; let my “hair down” by going out and socialising; I am also going to use the holidays to reaffirm my commitment to my goals. In the back of my mind I also carry an awareness that life is way too short to let a few hours of fun derail what I want to achieve especially because a friend of mine’s sister was killed by a drunk driver while away on holiday with her friends at the end of matric. I never want to be a statistic or have to pay the price of making someone else a statistic. So, I am going to be disciplined and careful in the choices I make, especially when it comes to alcohol and driving.

There is nothing like the dawn of a new year to realign your priorities! And there is nothing like time with family to ground you – well, my family anyway! When I go home, I come back to earth with a bump after being in the big city with bright lights, so it the combination of home and a fresh year ahead gives me total clarity of mine and I’m so looking forward to that and then setting my foot forward in the right direction in 2018! Only 1 more year and then I am qualified!!!

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