Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention 1

Life can be really tough at times. Many of our students are faced with numerous challenges. Fear of failing, financial strain, accommodation problems, family problems, substance abuse problems, death, illness and traumatic experiences to name just a few. Sometimes these problems become too much to bear. The challenges seem to be bigger than the value the person places on their own life. This can result in students thinking about suicide.
Suicide is a difficult topic to raise but some of the warning signs to look out for in yourself or others are: Isolation or withdrawal from others; sudden deteriorating changes in behaviour; unusual neglect in personal appearance; saying good bye to people & loved ones; talking about death or self-harm; previous suicide attempts and self-destructive behaviour such as increased drinking or use of drugs.
If you notice these signs in yourself or feel that things are too much to handle, you are not alone. Come to PsyCaD or call our crisis line on 082 054 1137. If it is someone else you are concerned about reach to to them or tell someone such as a staff or family member about it.
The World Health organisation has outlined some myths around suicide that need to be challenged. For example, it is a myth that mentioning suicide will encourage suicide. On the contrary, an open discussion with someone who is thinking of taking their own life can highlight other options for them or give them time to change their minds. Just connecting with another person has been shown to be valuable. Read more here:

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