Need some career direction?

Need some career direction? 1

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  1. Thank you for this opportunity I find it very interesting that it is going to built me to better school and tertiary lifestyle.

  2. I had already applied and my application was admitted. I would therefore like to change my course

  3. Good day I have applied to the university and my application has been declined. I would like to study at the university please can you advise which field I can go into regarding my final results as I would like to continue with studies for 2019. My student number is 219035089.
    Please assist.

  4. Good afternoon, please send me the respective dates for the Open days held in 2019 for all 2020 under graduate students.
    Thank you
    Joan Malan

  5. good day

    i am a grade 12 student
    really wants to become a Vet
    did not make points to apply
    please help me with my career

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