Need some career direction?

Need some career direction? 1

Grade 9 – Choosing Subjects
• Learn all about subject choice with the Career Services Career Workbook ( and use this handy website ( to do research on various careers, to check the requirements for studies at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) and to complete a free interest questionnaire to learn more about your career interests.
• Research different jobs, chat to family members, your friends’ parents or trusted members of your community about their careers, and seek opportunities to job shadow.
• Subject choice assessments are offered at the University of Johannesburg and you can find more information by contacting 011 559 3106.
• Remember to keep your marks up and do your best.
Grade 11 – Planning for University
• Make sure to do your best academically as these marks determine your entrance into a tertiary institution.
• Use a prospectus ( to guide you in understanding what the minimum requirements are for specific courses you would like to pursue. Learn how to calculate your APS score with the Career Services Career Workbook.
Grade 12 – Applying for University
• Apply for bursaries (
• Apply for the course you want to study (
• If your application for university was unsuccessful or going to university is not a part of your career plan, be proactive and learn skills through a learnership. You can find information on the following websites: or
• If your APS score does not meet the requirements of the university consider upgrading your matric marks or applying to a TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) or SETA (Sector Education and Training Authority) colleges.
First Year, Tertiary Education – Get Adjusted
• Get adjusted and find your rhythm, make sure to attend orientation sessions and First Year Seminars (FYS).
• Strengthen your academic capabilities through programmes offered at the Academic Development Centre (ADC) (
• Join societies, student organisations or day houses to broaden your social network.
• Make use of the library (
Second Year, Tertiary Education – Find Opportunities to Upskill Yourself
• While studying and getting the best marks you can, set aside time to upskill yourself.
• Seek vacation work during the June-July or December-January recess to gain exposure to the world of work.
• Explore study abroad/exchange student programmes (
• Start researching companies you would like to work for in your industry (
• Attend career fairs and expos.
• Broaden your professional network.
• Start preparing a master copy of your CV and cover letter.
• Join the UJ YourCareer Job Portal for available opportunities for UJ students.
• Open a LinkedIn account, prepare your page so that it is appealing to potential employers and follow relevant companies in your industry.
Third Year, Tertiary Education
• All that research done in second year will benefit you now. Begin applying for graduate programmes, internships or in-service training work. Use the Career Services Recruitment Guide to lead your search (
• Tailor your master CV and cover letter to job adverts.
• Update your LinkedIn profile.
• Engage with employers at career fairs and expos.
• Keep abreast of current affairs in your industry.

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  1. Thank you for this opportunity I find it very interesting that it is going to built me to better school and tertiary lifestyle.

  2. I had already applied and my application was admitted. I would therefore like to change my course

  3. Good day I have applied to the university and my application has been declined. I would like to study at the university please can you advise which field I can go into regarding my final results as I would like to continue with studies for 2019. My student number is 219035089.
    Please assist.

  4. Good afternoon, please send me the respective dates for the Open days held in 2019 for all 2020 under graduate students.
    Thank you
    Joan Malan

  5. good day

    i am a grade 12 student
    really wants to become a Vet
    did not make points to apply
    please help me with my career

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