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The University of Johannesburg (UJ) – one of the largest, multi-campus, residential universities in South Africa – seeks to achieve the highest distinction in scholarship and research within the higher education context.
UJ seeks to reimagine the future.

About UJ

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Rooted in the vibrant, multi-cultural and diverse city of Johannesburg, UJ reflects the same energy and embraces its diversity with equal passion. With four campuses and about 50 000 students, UJ is one of the largest residential Universities in the country which means you have more choices in terms of what you want to study. The University offers a broad range of learning programmes from: career orientated and traditional academic; to professional and postgraduate qualifications. UJ students are given the opportunity to be educated in all facets of life.

UJ Gardens

UJ offers its students various support facilities that aid individuals in succeeding holistically in life, and their studies. These include: career development services offered to Grade 11 and 12 Learners; assisting first year students with adapting to the academic, emotional and social demands of university life; academic development and tutoring services; reading and language development; campus health services; the availability of computer laboratories; as well as extended curriculum programmes on offer.

UJ APK Buildings

Some of our campuses host shops for added convenience, especially for students staying in our rather comfortable residences and fully equipped apartments. UJ realises that the campus experience is integral to the life of its students – after all this is where the giants of industry often meet! For this reason all the campuses have meeting places, cafeterias or restaurants with some of the student centres housing book and gift shops, doctors and even hairdressers.





Programmes per Campus

Auckland Park
Kingsway (APK)

  • Law
  • Management
  • Engineering and the Built Environement
  • Science
  • College of Business and Economics

Auckland Park
Bunting Road (APB)

  • Art Design and Architecture
  • Tourism and Hospitality


  • Engineering and the Built Environment
  • Health Sciences


  • Education