When Relationships Go Sour

Although it is difficult, you will heal quicker by dealing with it, rather than distracting yourself by other means such as overworking, substance abuse, getting involved in into another relationship, or being so busy, you can’t think.   If you made a mistake then it is natural to feel guilty for a while. You may want to apologise, depending on … Read More

Applications are about to close-have you made the right choice?

With only two weeks left before applications to study at the University of Johannesburg close, it is time to start thinking about your future study path. Have you chosen the right course? Will the course that you have chosen help you to achieve some of your career goals? Here are a few things that you should consider when choosing a … Read More

HAPPY Women’s Day EveryDay!

The 9th of August has great significance as not only is it my birthday but is also a day dedicated to commemorate and celebrate the amazing women of our society. This public holiday dates back in history to the women’s march in 1956 to the Union Building in Pretoria, where about 20 000 women participated amongst the likes of Helen Joseph … Read More

Pienaar at the pinnacle of varsity squash

Squash star Alexa Pienaar will use her success at the University Sport South Africa tournament as a stepping stone to higher honours as she bids to make her mark in the game. The 23-year-old University of Johannesburg fine arts student reached the pinnacle of varsity squash when she was crowned champion at this month’s individual event in Johannesburg. In addition, … Read More

All About Sports at UJ

Hi everyone, I studied at UJ and am now working at UJ’s Marketing & Brand department, one of the highlights during my studies at UJ was the awesome sporting vibe. The sporting culture at UJ is probably the best amongst all universities in the country, If history is anything to go by, all the different sporting codes are always full … Read More

Miss UJ Varsity Cup

Miss UJ VC

We put the spotlight on UJ’s Zanele Leon, 2nd princess in Miss Varsity Cup competition. Zanele Leon is currently a third year student studying towards my LLB Law qualification, whose goal is to one day compete at the Olympic Games in the track and field events, specifically in the 100m races. She plans to work for the National Prosecuting Authority … Read More

My First Month Back At University

Back at University

– WHARNEY ELLIOTT Beginning with my third year in BA Law this year, one would think that I have the “hang” of being a student but during this short period back in January, I have been proven otherwise. For the first time ever since starting my studies I actually took a pause for reflection that made me realise a few … Read More

My experience at University of Johannesburg

Denver Kalomo, July 2016 As a former Public Relations and communication student at University of Johannesburg (UJ), my life has changed tremendously; I am now more independent and responsible. The city experience in Johannesburg required me to be emotionally and psychologically stable in living alone and doing well at university. I adapted to my new environment by making new friends; … Read More

It is exam time

It is exam time Ms Leila Abdool Gafoor The biggest challenge in preparing for exams is procrastination. The best way to curb procrastination is to ensure that you have your weekly, monthly and semester rosters in place so that you are aware of the deadline and submission dates for assignments, projects and semester tests; as well as allocating time for … Read More