Orange Carpet Rewards Programme

Could you be called an overachiever?

The University of Johannesburg’s Top Achieving Orange Carpet Rewards Programme is all about rewarding excellence at school and embracing accomplishment. So, if you are a Grade 12 learner and thrive on achieving only the best, you are just the diamond we are looking for and we will reward you handsomely!


  • The academic registration fee is waived, thus you do not have to pay it.
  • You will receive a merit bursary according to your APS for the first year of study. The better your Grade 12 results, the bigger your merit bursary!
  • UJ will give you a R2 000 voucher which you can use to purchase textbooks or towards the purchase of a tablet with one of UJ’s main suppliers on campus.
  • An APS of more than 42 on your Grade 12 results gives you an extra R5 485 bursary.
  • You will be guaranteed accommodation in a UJ residence if you plan to live on campus, and have applied to a UJ residence. Your residence deposit is waived, thus you do not have to pay for it.
  • You are eligible for a sport bursary if you have achieved at provincial or a higher level.
  • And many more on-campus benefits like career counselling, invitations to exclusive events and into the VIP sections at UJ sporting events!

NOTE: The Orange Carpet rewards do not cover the UJ residence application, registration or fees. The rewards also do not extend to any forms of accommodation or the costs associated with travelling to and from UJ.
Furthermore daily living costs are not covered. Thus the rewards extended only tuition fees and other non-financial benefits.

Qualifying Criteria

    • If you have achieved an APS score of 37 or higher on your Grade 11 final report (but not lower than level 6 in every subject) excluding Life Orientation
    • Maintain the same results in Grade 12
    • Meet the specific subject requirements for the programme you are interested in
    • Make sure you meet the Orange Carpet application deadlines
    • Apply on time to UJ, the deadline is 27 September 2019 at 12:00

Residence Application

Complete the UJ application form – remember to fill out the results section truthfully and correctly. Then contact our Student Marketing section directly to fast-track your application. You will be guided through this process by your own UJ Student Marketer and you can also contact them for more information, should you need it. Call them on 011 559 6680.

Make sure you are an Orange Carpet Candidate. The quicker you get your application in, the better.
Applications for this campaign close on 27 September 2019. Thereafter the standard application and bursary procedure will be followed.

Keep in mind that depending on your AP score, your Orange Carpet merit bursary may not cover your full first-year tuition fees so please find out if you need to apply for any other funding and NSFAS on time during your Grade 12 year.

Note that further Terms and Conditions do apply to the Orange Carpet Rewards Programme and can be asked for by emailing

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APS (Admission Point Score) Bursary Value
Higher than 42 100% + R5 485
42 100%
40-41 75%
37-39 50%


APS (Admission Point Score) NSC (National Senior Certificate) APS (Admission Point Score) NSC (National Senior Certificate)
10 5 5 (60-69%)
9 4 4 (50-59%)
8 3 3 (40-49%)
7 7 (80-100%) 2 2 (30-39%)
6 6 (70-79%) 1 1 (0-29%)