It is exam time

It is exam time Ms Leila Abdool Gafoor The biggest challenge in preparing for exams is procrastination. The best way to curb procrastination is to ensure that you have your weekly, monthly and semester rosters in place so that you are aware of the deadline and submission dates for assignments, projects and semester tests; as well as allocating time for … Read More


Depression Ms Leila Abdool Gafoor   “Ugh. I’m depressed” is commonly heard in everyday language. It usually means that one is feeling sad or “down”. Everyone experiences bouts of sadness at one time or another, but that does not indicate depression. Sadness is a completely normal and healthy response to life’s disappointments, such as failing an exam or a relationship … Read More

Time management – how to be a time winner!

Time management – how to be a time winner! Have you ever been in a situation where you are sitting in an examination room feeling tired and bleary because you stayed up the whole night previously to prepare for the next day’s test? Maybe you have skimped on the content of an assignment because you left it to the last … Read More