The importance of self-discipline in university.

The importance of self-discipline in university. Tsholofelo Nkoane, May 2016 My name is Tsholofelo Nkoane I completed my degree in BA Strategic Communication. I am currently working as a Student Assistant at the University of Johannesburg (UJ). I recently met Lelo in our Marketing and Branding Offices, I loved everything about Lelo, but the characteristic I admired the most was … Read More

Survival guide at UJ

Survival guide at UJ Lelo Peters, February 2016 Perhaps you were popular in high school, or you were in a leadership position and maybe you had other accolades. University, however, is a different ball game – high school successes don’t automatically apply at University. A transition to university is life changing; it is a transition into adulthood. The decisions you … Read More